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Welcome to the Trial Style Podcast – a resource for male lawyers who want to look their best.

Back in college, I told my girlfriend (now my wife) that I couldn’t wait to get out of school and into a real job where I could wear a suit every day.  Except for one job, I worked typical college jobs in warehouses and at amusement parks where sweat and dirt were the calling cards.  The job exception was that I worked for a tuxedo store helping people pick out suits for weddings and special events.  I loved helping people pick out suits and look their best.  When I graduated with a mechanical engineering degree I went to work for a very large engineering, design and construction firm and the dress code was business casual – with an emphasis on casual.  I saw so many men who simply just dressed bad – and didn’t care how they looked.

When I decided to leave engineering and head off to law school, I thought for sure I would see some better dressed men at the court house.  But I was wrong.  Lawyers can be schlubs too!

We all want to infuse our personality and tastes into our style, but the Spiderman tie and Teva sandals (with socks) don’t cut it for professional dress.

The Trial Style Podcast is dedicated to being a resource for male lawyers to help them with professional style.  This isn’t something that changes every season or is dependent on a designer from Europe or Miami.  This is basic mens fashion and professional dress.  We will release a new episode each week so if you are interested in more information to help you build your Trial Style, please subscribe by clicking the button.